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We create amazing trips for people who enjoy travel and adventure.

Travel can be a starting point for many things, experiencing the world involves connecting with the destination in meaningful ways.  When we travel, we get to experience new cultures, take in beautiful inspiring scenery and quite often we end up learning a thing or two about ourselves along the way!  The memories that we make while vacationing become some of the most cherished moments of our lives. Travel lightens the spirit, and feeds the soul. Our mission is to provide professional, convenient and personalized service.

Hey there traveler!
Please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Teresa Estabrook, Certified Travel Agent at Orange Circle Travel.  I'm a lover of wonderful food, cocktails, hiking and enjoy traveling the world. My love of travel began when I went to Europe right out of high school with my best friend. I was bit by the travel bug and have been traveling ever since. Traveling brought me so much joy, that it had to become a permanent part of my life.⁣ 

I've continued to explore this big beautiful world; gathering first hand experience to pass onto my clients and adding to my bucket list daily! I truly love researching a destination for my clients and matching them with the best accommodations of their dreams. My goal is always to provide my clients with seamless vacation planning and excellent customer service so they can enjoy and experience a fabulous vacation!  

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